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After countless garage jams, D.I.Y. gigs in the back of a surf shop, and innumerable hours writing together, almost monday bottle California sunshine in their funky basslines, ecstatic choruses, and danceable grooves. The San Diego trio—Dawson Daugherty [vocals], Luke Fabry [bass] and Cole Clisby [guitar]—have generated millions of streams to date, sold out shows, and crafted their forthcoming debut EP in Brooklyn and Los Angeles with producers Mark Needham [The Killers, Fleetwood Mac] and Simon Oscroft [The Naked and Famous, DREAMERS]. Kicking off 2020, they ignited a string of buzzing anthems, beginning with “parking lot view and come on come on.” Meanwhile, the lead single “broken people,” and the Sofi Tukker remix, crystallized their sun-kissed signature style with a bold bass bounce and empowering refrain as it’s generated over 5 million combined audio and video streams so far. Along the way, they’ve attracted a growing fan base through a combination of danceable rhythms and uplifting hooks.


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