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Jackson Simmons vocals/guitar    Brandon Walters bass/synth    Troy Bruner drums

Throughout their 8 years together, Dallas alt-pop trio little image morphed from a group of perpetually online suburban teens obsessed with underground indie rock who had no idea what they wanted to be, into the tight-knit outfit you see today. While many artists had their careers derailed in 2020 due to COVID, it actually managed to save little image, who was gearing up to announce themselves to the world.  “It was a blessing in disguise,” Bruner says of lockdown. “We were about to jump into something we didn’t exactly have figured out.”  This time allowed little image to fully expand on the promise of early singles “WORTH IT” and “EGO,” exploring different ways to create a pop-rock song beyond the basic guitar/bass/drums template. This new burst of creativity led to a partnership with producer Chad Copelin (LANY, Sufjan Stevens, 5 Seconds Of Summer) and will culminate with their debut album SELF TITLED coming May 12 2023.

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