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Hailing from Harlem, NY, 21-year-old Just Sam was busking on the subways of New York and singing car to car before they found themself auditioning for American Idol. At the tender age of six, Just Sam was adopted by their grandmother, Elizabeth, with whom they share an unbreakable bond. Knowing they had a passion for music and wanting to help their grandmother pay the bills, Just Sam started busking in middle school and ultimately found their calling as a versatile chanteuse. Growing up a tomboy, Sam frequently changed their style. So much so that in high school, their classmates didn’t know how to categorize her. They weren’t a girl, they wasn’t a boy, they were Just Sam. 


Throughout the season, Just Sam has shown both their vulnerability and fearlessness in their songs and interviews. Their soaring emotional dedications to her grandmother, such as “Believe” (American Idol alumnus Fantasia) left nary a dry eye, while surprise choices like “Como La Flor” (Selena Quintanilla) demonstrated their fearless metamorphosis into a superstar. In their finale moment, singing a heartfelt rendition of “Rise Up” (Andra Day), Just Sam rose to the top and took the crown. 

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