little image

Over the past 8 years, little image (Jackson Simmons, vocals/guitar, Brandon Walters, bass/synth and Troy Bruner, drums) morphed from a group of perpetually online suburban teens who were obsessed with underground indie rock into the tight-knit outfit you see today. While many young artists had their careers derailed in 2020 due to COVID, it actually managed to save little image, who were gearing up to announce themselves to the world without realizing they needed more time for reflection and creativity.  That extra time allowed the band to fully expand on the promise of their early singles “WORTH IT” and “EGO,” exploring different ways to create a pop-rock song beyond the basic guitar/bass/drums template. This new burst of creativity led to not just a collection of songs but an actual album, deliberately sequenced to tell a story of self-doubt, self-reflection and eventually, self-love that little image hopes will connect with people across the globe.  Kicking off their new music is the M83-esque indie-dance number “LUNGS BURN,” a diamond in a sea of gems.