Ocean Park Standoff

A band often becomes like a family. Each member’s idiosyncrasies and individuality comprise the collective identity and ultimately give the group a personality of its own. For as different as producer, drummer, and hip-hop head Pete Nappi, UK-born multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and world-renowned DJ Samantha Ronson, and classically trained vocalist and folk singer-songwriter Ethan Thompson might seem at first glance, they quickly turned Ocean Park Standoff into a family upon first joining forces in 2016.

“On paper, it doesn’t seem like we would end up in a band together,” smiles Samantha. “We’ re all from such different worlds, but our roots are the same. We just want to make people happy, have a good time, and take care of each other. The world is so complicated, but everything we do is a reminder that love conquers all. If us three weirdo oddballs can be a family, anyone can,” she laughs. “That idea doesn’t stop with us though,” adds Ethan. “Everyone is welcome. We’re growing the family every day.”

Over the last year and a half Ocean Park Standoff has amassed over 80 million streams with 2 songs hitting Top 15 at Hot AC with over 300 million in total audience.


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