Ocean Park Standoff

LA based alt-pop trio Ocean Park Standoff reveal their latest single ‘Lost Boys’, an upbeat interpretation alongside Grammy-nominated Norwegian act Seeb.

The melodic production focuses on deep, bass-backed chords, and the rich vocals of Ethan Thompson, who describes ‘Lost Boys’ as “Forgetting the rules and living in complete freedom.”

”Lost Boys is about connecting to that freeness we felt when we were kids.” continues Thompson. “The older we get the more life seems to get serious and every once in a while, we need to remind ourselves to jump into the void of what we would do if there wasn’t a tomorrow. ‘Lost Boys’ is that reminder for us.”

“The song is about the Sunday night feeling of doom that everyone can relate to,” adds bandmate Samantha Ronson. “Or graduation day evening – dawning of the rest of your life. Just before you’ve gotta give up that fun for a life of assembly lines and yes sirs and yes ma’am’s.”

Each of the artists behind Ocean Park Standoff comes from a world all their own. A self-taught producer who built his own studio in the basement as a kid, Pete Nappi constructs deeply inventive productions equally inspired by art rock and underground hip-hop. A longtime DJ known for spinning at high-profile gigs around the globe, Samantha Ronson is also a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who, like her superstar brother Mark, possesses sonic ingenuity rooted in her fascination with obscure vintage instruments.

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