Jordan Fisher is ready to introduce the world to a more personal side through his music. Over the past few years, the 22 year old has lit up the small screen with roles in the blockbuster Teen Beach Movie franchise and Fox’s Grease: Live, where he shined as “Doody” and was deemed its breakout star by MTV and People Magazine following its airing earlier this year.

In the wake of his star-turning performance during the live broadcast, for which he and the entire cast and crew were nominated for an Emmy award, Fisher is setting his sights on a different passion — his music career. Following his top 40 single “All About Us,” the Hollywood Records artist released his eponymous debut EP (August 2016), giving a taste of the eclectic offering that’s shaping up to be his dynamic first full-length album, dropping in early 2017.

“I’m excited to tell the story and for people to hear it from me,” he says. “Not Jordan Fisher acting a role—my story.”

The EP which features production from Oak Felder (Alessia Cara, Rihanna), Rob Persaud (Lady Gaga) and The Blueprint (R. Kelly) does just that, exploring a vast sonic palette that touches on elements of pop, R&B, soul, hip-hop and electronic music. On “Counterfeit,” Fisher stretches his elastic falsetto and shows a more dancefloor-ready side of his persona, while “All I Wanna Do” dials back the pace for a smooth, acoustic guitar-plucked romantic groove. “Lookin Like That” rounds out the set, harnessing the bopping pulse of classic soul with sizzling synth chords and blasting horns.

If Jordan Fisher comes off as diverse, it’s because the EP’s aesthetic can be traced back to his days growing up in a football town outside of Birmingham, Alabama, where he embraced and cultivated his tastes by listening to everything from Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross to Prince and Stevie Wonder. Though he developed his skills as a songwriter by playing the guitar and piano, his first calling came as an actor thanks to following a girl to drama class in fifth grade. This allowed Fisher to simultaneously cultivate both sides of his craft.

“That’s what led me to developing my love for art and performance and entertainment and singing and making music from scratch,” says Fisher, who took part in the Birmingham-based Red Mountain Theatre Company. Music never played the background, and he consistently kept his songwriting pen full of ink. “Writing became a liaison between different things that I was going through, or somebody close to me was going through,” he continues. “That’s so necessary in life and relationships and, I feel that when I’m writing.”

Moving to Los Angeles at 17 was a risk that paid off, thanks to his captivating TV roles that cleared the path for his solo music career. While there are no plans to put acting on the backburner, music is now taking priority and will continue to intertwine with his talents across platforms. “I’m an entertainer, because I grew up doing live theater, and still take that as seriously, as I do music and my artistry and performance and dance and writing—it’s all one thing for me,” he says. “That makes me who I am. It makes me Jordan Fisher.”

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