In Real Life

The start for up-and-coming band In Real Life has been anything but traditional. After singing and dancing their way into America’s hearts on ABC’s reality competition series Boy Band, winners Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Michael Conor and Sergio Calderon were signed as a group to Hollywood Records.

Brady Tutton suffered a severe stutter as a child and could barely speak, but his therapists discovered he didn’t stutter when he sang. Since then, he has fallen in love with music and is a classically trained opera singer. Chance Perez was on his way to becoming a fire fighter before going on the show, but gave that up to chase his dream of being a musician. Drew Ramos started out playing music on the subways in New York City as a way to make extra money and one day make his dreams of making it big come true. Michael Conor is a classically trained violinist who also happens to be an incredibly talented rapper, and brings a unique twist to the group. Last year, Sergio Calderon gave up playing soccer and his chance at a college scholarship in order to fully pursue music.

Together, the five guys come together to make up In Real Life. In addition to receiving a recording contract, BMI’s Pop Songwriter of the Year, Justin Tranter, wrote the band’s debut single “Eyes Closed.”

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